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Montreal, QC, H3A 1B1
Office: Chapman Lab, 80 Peterson Hall (basement)
Tel: (514) 398-4400 ext. 089759
Email: jan.gogarten@gmail.com

Webpage: http://gogarten.com/jangogarten/

Curriculum vitae



Doctor of Philosophy (Current)
McGill University, Montreal, QC
- Department of Biology
- Advisor: Colin Chapman

Masters of Arts (2009-2011)
State University of New York, Stony Brook University
- Thesis title: The effects of seasonality on mortality and reproductive skew
- Department of Anthropology: Concentration in Physical Anthropology
- Advisor: Diane Doran-Sheehy
- Committee: Patricia Wright and Andreas Koenig

Bachelor of Science: Honors Biology and a Minor in Anthropology (2005-2008)
McGill University, Montreal, QC


- Behavioral ecology and disease; specifically what behaviors put animals at risk for infection and what behavioral strategies animals may adopt to reduce their risk.
- Conservation applications for research.
- Other interests include the evolution of communication signals, optimization of conservation strategies, socioecological constraints, animal behavior, sustainable ecosystem use, and the evolution and cost of sociality.
- My work is currently focused on primates and their pathogens but in the past has included weakly electric fish, birds, and bacteria communities. I am currently funded by an NSF GRF and the Explorer Club's Eddie Bauer Youth Grant.

NSF GRF Explorer Club


- Gogarten JF and Koenig A. (In review) Does seasonality predict receptive synchrony and male reproductive skew among nonhuman primates? Behavioral Ecology.

- Gogarten JF, Guzman M, Chapman CA, Jacob AL, Omeja PA, and Rothman JM. (In review) What is the predictive power of the colobine protein-to-fiber model? Primates.

- Gogarten JF, Brown LM, Chapman CA, Marina C, Doran-Sheehy D, Fedigan LM, Grine FE , Perry S, Pusey AE, Sterck EHM, Wich SA, Wright PC (In Press). Seasonal mortality patterns in non-human primates: Implications for variation in selection pressures across environments. Evolution.

- Chapman CA, Gogarten JF. (In Press) Primate conservation: Is the cup half empty or half full? Nature Education Knowledge.

- Bargelletti O, Gogarten JF, Krahe R, (Submitted). Mate preference in wave-type weakly electric fish. Journal of Physiology A.

- Chapman CA, Bowman DD, Ghai RR, Gogarten JF, Goldberg TL, Rothman JM, Twinomugisha D, Walsh C. 2011. Protozoan parasites in group-living primates: Testing the biological island hypothesis. Am J Primatol 73:1-8.

- Gogarten JF and Koenig A (2011) Does breeding seasonality predict receptive synchrony and reproductive skew among non-human primates? American Journal of Physical Anthropologists 144:144-145.


- Spatial epidemiology of primate parasites at Kibale National Park (In prep.). In collaboration with Colin Chapman, Ria Ghai, Johanna Bleecker, and Tony Goldberg.

-Long-term changes in the patterns of polyspecific assocaitions of red colobus. (In prep.) In collaboration with Colin Chapman

- An examination of the affect of group size on the behaviour of a folivorous primate (In prep.) In collaboration with Colin Chapman.

Hard lessons learned along the way: Parasite methods in primatology (In prep). In collaboration with Dwight Bowman, Colin Chapman, Jessica Rothman, Chesley Walsh, and Laura Johnson

A comparison of red colobus living in fragments and forests in Uganda (In prep.) In collaboration with Devin Hart, Carl Boodman and Colin Chapman.

Primates as ecosystem engineers (In prep.). In collaboration with Colin Chapman, Dennis Twinomugisha, Patric Omeja, Michael Wasserman, and Jessica Rothman.

-Changing group sizes in a primate community over 15+ years:
Implications for the non-equilibrium of an ecosystem (In prep.). In collaboration with Colin Chapman, Ria Ghai, Aerin Jacob, Jessica Rothman, Dennis Twinomugisha, and Colin Chapman.

- Disease screening protocol for respiratory pathogens at great ape habituation sites. In collaboration with Fabian Leendertz and Peter Walsh.

- Seasonal mortality patterns in primates: Implications for the interpretation of microwear (In prep). In collaboration with Frederick Grine.

- Kibale Health and Conservation Project - A medical clinic within Kibale National Park that promotes reliable health care that is close at hand for the communities surrounding the park and will hopefully help improve park-people relationships. Donations are greatly appreciated.

- I put together a blog of current research activities (and some other odds and ends) here.

- I put together the IDPAS Guide to Grants, if you have old grants you would like to contribute please send them over.